Beware your addictions.


Is everyone addicted to something? Including you?

When talking about addiction, people generally only consider addiction to
drugs or sex, but not caffeine, or candy, or the praise of others.

Can one be addicted to being nice?

If it makes you feel good and has negative outcomes (spending too much time
or money being nice), it can be classified as an addiction.


What takes away the pain for you?


According to Wikipedia, “Addiction is the continued use of a psychoactive
drug, or the repetition of a behavior despite adverse consequences,[1] or a
neurological impairment leading to such behaviors.”

By this definition, if we can drop the ‘drug’ word, suddenly all types of
behaviors become open to being possible addictions. In fact, anything that
we do in order to feel good, that has negative consequences for us, is lined
up as an addiction, including things that we generally consider good for us
(like being nice).

Today I challenge you to look within your own life and find what it is that
you are addicted to. Maybe you’ll even be courageous enough to post it


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