The psychologist that trained pigeons to steer cruise missiles.

B.F. Skinner writing on the declassified ‘Project pigeon’ whereby researchers attempted to use pigeons to guide missiles. The first paragraph tells it all:

‘This is the history of a crackpot idea, born on the wrong side of the tracks intellectually speaking, but eventually vindicated in a sort of middle class respectability. It is the story of a proposal to use living organisms to guide missiles—of a research program during World War II called “Project Pigeon” and a peacetime continuation at the Naval Research Laboratory called “ORCON,” from the words “organic control.” Both of these programs have now been declassified.’

Sorry there are no pictures, but it’s definitely worth the read.

If this link doesn’t work, a quick google search for ‘Pigeons in a pelican, pdf’ will find a version of it.




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