Using sex to sell science

This is a figure in one of the papers in Nature magazine.

Now , is it just me or does the bottom part look like a 60’s female superhero costume?

Even the bit in the middle looks sort of vagina like, if you ask me. Those are definitely breasts and the bottom of a bikini, no?

Is this intentional? Is this commendable?

The article has been cited over 1900 times according to Gscholar.. Did these subtle sex images add in any way? Making it more appealing, or memorable for instance?

It is difficult for me to believe that this is the only way that this pathway or area could have been pictured. Even if the brains went on the bottom, or if they pictured it from the other direction.

Whether it is intentional or incidental is unknown, one thing is for sure though, I will also include subtle sex imagery in my papers..


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