Watch this dog perfectly demonstrate a basic psychological phenomenon.

This is what happens when you try to keep a being from doing something they want to do, the moment you cannot know about it, they do it. That is what most of the major religions have an all knowing, ever present, god that judges only at the end of everything; to keep you from having any fun here on Earth! 😀

But, keeping this in mind, we can try to influence the situation such that the other (in this case the dog) doesn’t want to do the undesirable act in the first place (perhaps here, the dog can be allowed on the bed, but without acting wild, or both animals off the bed).

This is the same general principal as the War on Drugs, the War on Terrorism, Speeding tickets, and most other failed behavioral change initiatives. Did you know Al Queda has grown 10x since we started hunting them?

Better to allow the belief, if people can be so silly as to believe or do such a thing (look at what crack does to people, you want to do that?). Or to show the individuals that there is a better way of life without doing the asocial thing.

Small changes (Nudges) make big differences for everyday decisions and cost millions less in time and energy. Lets look for little ways we can make big differences (like that kid who suggested using Garamond instead of Times New Roman to save millions in paper).


Also, the contempt on the cats face. And watch how it reacts when the dog tries to push it off the bed to have it all himself, then the head shaking to relieve the tension from the cat not playing along.   :p 😀

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