Story Excerpt: Birthday Memories

An excerpt from a friend’s Novel he is working on. Check it out and provide feedback! 😀

Mind of Malm

So, it’s election day (and more importantly, the release date of Halo 4). While I have my opinions, I don’t think that voicing them here is particularly appropriate, so…let’s look at Social Phobia! Below is an excerpt from Chapter 15: Birthday Memories. After a night of enjoying herself, Elise has a sobering dream; inadvertently dragging Matt along for the ride…


The sleeping girl next to me made a noise. At first, I thought she’d heard me and I had woken her up. But she looked like she was still asleep. She made the noise again. This time, I managed to identify the sound: a sniffle. And then, she released a quiet whimper. I bent forward for a closer look, squinting to look through the darkness. I could just barely make out tears rolling down the side of her face. Elise was sobbing in her sleep.

I reached over and…

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