Learning not to give a fack

It is the thing that holds us back the most: Other people’s opinions.

If we know that everybody is terrible at something, and has done stupid or bad things in the past, then why do we worry about what people will think of us if we fail? 

We shouldn’t. 

Become free, become secure in yourself. You ARE a worthwhile person, and seriously, there is not a person in the room that you are not better than them at something, even if that thing is naming the characters of your favorite book.

There is no ultimate value other than that you place on the things around you. Instead of letting other people tell you what is valuable (this job, this style of clothing, these dance moves) you make your own valuable. Who has a right to tell you that your dance moves are worse than someone else’s? They are lying if they say so.

You chase YOUR dreams. you live YOUR life. you only get one and you’d best cash it in for all its worth (a LOT). 

When you stop living by the chains that others place on you, you can go up up up, and see more than you ever dreamed possible.

What would you do if what other’s thought didn’t matter? Tell us below. 🙂


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