The shameless self-promotion post (Tell Us Yours!)

We all have projects we care about, our websites, books, collections of poetry, book, app, or small businness project. What I want to do here is tell the world about it. Many of these projects are completed, but we cannot get over the hurdle of promoting ourselves.

Time to change that. Who will believe in you if you don’t? 

Tell me, now, what your is your pot shot? What is the thing that gets you up in the morning?

Leave a comment and say what you want to say. Is it that book you’ve been trying to write? Is it a blog that you want more people to visit and follow? Is it an idea you want to promote? Is it a quote you really like? Tell us!

People will read this, I will read this. My friends, many of whom have dreams just like us will read this. And we will help each other.

It is through supporting each other that we will all achieve our goals, together. So tell us! What is your project?

This idea was originally Jodiellewellyn’s and as she knows, imitation is the best form of flattery! 😀



  1. A cup of coffee gets me up in the morning! If I was more wealthy, I’d drink a cup of coffee on the front porch of my house in the mountains while looking over the lake. That is bliss for me.

    As far as dreams go…well…if I could retire to the aforementioned, I think I am satisfied.

    1. Chris,

      That does sound heavenly, but then I feel bad about all the shit in the world. 😦 The one who stands by as it happens… ya know.

      Maybe you could run a business from the cabin that (helps) change the world?

      Thanks for stopping by dude! 😀

  2. I have three book projects that i really need towork on, but im sooooooo lazy. I guess thats a decent price to pay for my creativity. :/
    Anyways, i coukd use some tips on how to get motivated and STAY motivated. Thanks.

    1. Aidonia,

      it is difficult dude! I listen to Kanye or other motivational individuals in order to keep it up. Seeing progress helps. 🙂

      The Flotbots have this saying that, ‘what you win in the immediate battles is little compared to what you put into it, but if you see it as a struggle to build a new world…’ Then it is worth it. 🙂

      We will help eachother, you know. Do you have a blog I can follow?

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