to my internet website. Here I update on my work and in other times share ideas I had briefly at one time or another. Most of the posts are about mind science. 

The writings here are on subjects that I like or thought about once (e.g., Why can’t I find an unhappy/angry picture of Osama Bin Laden?), and also there is a large section outlining the book I am writing that is aimed at bringing together the various fields that involve living beings, into a more coherent whole. Look for it in the coming years.

My dissertation (Cognitive conflict in Science: Demonstrations in what scientists talk about and study) you can also find online for free, basically suggests that Festinger’s classic hypotheses about informal social communication also apply to science. That is, scientists talk about things they disagree about more, especially when those things are also threatening to individual or group outcomes. This work was done using scientific metadata, such as comments on the papers, tweets about the papers, and also the author and automatically generated keywords about the papers. I would suggest you check it out, as I think it has implications both for e.g., what is science (an uncertainty reducing and problem solving enterprise) as well as what is good science, and how do we do it.

Please feel free to email me, I am happy to give talks or workshops on these topics (e.g., internet data, big data, text analysis, asking better questions). and yes, I’d be happy to answer any questions or etc. Find me on Twitter @brettbuttliere or in gmail at the same.

Thank you again for coming and I hope you find value here! 😀





  1. In death ground , we fight.
    (Yes this isn’t merely a vague comment alluding to nothing , Google the term “death ground”)
    With everything on the line , and a brick wall hurtling towards us at 100miles an hour and nothing to save us , we will either die or succeed.

    1. Precisely. What do we care about? What is worth Dying for? MLK J said that. 😀

      If a man is not willing to die for something, he is not willing to live.

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