to the page, here I (try to) use psychological insights to (help) make life better.

The writings here are on subjects that I like or thought about once. The most important thing was/ is clear and critical analysis, examining my own (and maybe your) beliefs in search of the ‘truth’ (the best/ most effective belief),. even if it is distasteful (e.g., Why can’t you find an unhappy picture of Osama Bin Laden?). We discuss them painfully now so that they are not so painful in the future. like an exercise. debate and critical thinking helps us learn better and think clearer, so I try to do it as much as possible. 😀 Even if it gets me in trouble sometimes (how much do you believe in evolution?).

I’m getting paid to examine what encourages people to become active in online environments like Twitter or Wikipedia. Our working hypothesis is that it is that particularly cognitive conflict motivates people to respond (on forums most comments are disagreements). My PhD applies these ideas onto the context of Science, formalizing the similarities between Kuhn, Piaget, Festinger, Popper, and Platt to examine whether cognitive conflict drives scientific exploration (I think it does! :). We operationalize this conflict as the amount of negative words the individual uses (e.g., Why most published research findings are false). More details on this work can be found here.

Lets talk? why not? Come see some funny internet stuff I like or talk to me on Twitter. Or you can be more ‘professional’ and email me. Or leave a comment here. but let’s get in touch, I’m trying to live the best life and trying to help as many people as possible do it too (whatever that means for you).

Thank you again for coming and I hope you find value here! 😀




  1. In death ground , we fight.
    (Yes this isn’t merely a vague comment alluding to nothing , Google the term “death ground”)
    With everything on the line , and a brick wall hurtling towards us at 100miles an hour and nothing to save us , we will either die or succeed.

    1. Precisely. What do we care about? What is worth Dying for? MLK J said that. 😀

      If a man is not willing to die for something, he is not willing to live.

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